Building emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adults

Building emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adults

Building emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adultsBuilding emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adults

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Talmud baH


Talmud Bah Cert Ed FRSA MInstLM CED

Talmud Bah is an international consultant in creative and behavioural education, unconscious bias, coaching, facilitation, capacity building, arts engagement, strategic thinking, relationship building, training and professional /personal development.

He has taught and delivered highly successful educational development programmes in primary, secondary, further, higher and adult education, as well as alternative education and community settings for the past nineteen years. He has also been a consultant on the impact of developing healthy mind sets and understanding micro – inequities to the Directorate of Education for Greenwich, international NGO’s and charity directors, as well as corporate partners in KPMG.

He is currently working with Dalmain Primary School and The King Alfred Federation.

As a consultant to The George Soros Foundations/ The Open Society Foundations (OSF) he ran presentations, seminars and trainings on learning through creativity, learning and development; intergenerational relationships, solution focused thinking, the 'causes and cures' of confrontation, unconscious bias and conflict resolution at The Danish Institute for Human Rights, as well as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gouda, The Hague, Barcelona, Turkey, Central Asia, Budapest, Romania, Bulgaria, Brussels and The John Jay University of Criminal Justice in New York.

Talmud has also consulted on GRE (Global Responsibility Education) based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in Bulgaria, and designed and launched an international toolkit for stop and search and engagement with diverse communities, in partnership with The International Debate Education Association Netherlands (IDEA NL) and The Open Society Foundations (OSF).

Talmud has been a consultant to the Education Team at City Hall and has run seminars at the European Commission and the European Parliament on debate education and emotional intelligence.

He co –designed and delivered The Jimmy Mizen Foundation’s Safe Havens outreach and community education programme, where he is currently the Head of Service Delivery.

He was also a course writer and reviewer for the LOCN (London Open College Network) and a consultant to The London Mayor's Office and NHS/CAMHS, on the emotional triggers to youth violence and a course writer and reviewer for the online training provider TSCTH (The Social Care Training Hub).

As a visiting lecturer at Ravensbourne University College on Inclusion and Diversity, Talmud also delivered a seminar on building trust & an equal multicultural community - challenging unconscious bias, micro – inequities & ethnic profiling to delegates from the Netherlands, UNESCO (Paris) and The Centre for African Studies.

Talmud is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and The National Education Union (NEU).

Talmud has held the following positions:  Premier consultant to IDEA NL (The International Debate Education Association Netherlands) Current

Founder and Lead Coach of PSC: Philosopher’s Stone Coaching and Motivational Speaking. Current

Operational Excellence Lead/Assistant Head Teacher for Education My Life Matters CIC an independent school and alternative provision for vulnerable learners.Previous Position

Member of Stop and Search think tank at The House of Commons, convened by Janet Daby MP looking at the disproportionate targeting of BAME males by the police; with an aim to setting up an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) to tackle the issue. Current

Founder and Chief Executive Director of Quality Interactions and Creativity CIC:

Training young people and young adults (16 -30) from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop and acquire unique skills of creative and solution focused thinking, arts, adaptability, responsiveness, teaching and facilitation; to run sessions with vulnerable children and young people in early years, primary and secondary schools (key stage 1 - 5) PRU's, alternative provisions, FE, support services. Current