Building emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adults

Building emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adults

Building emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adultsBuilding emotional resilience in our children, teens & young adults



"We have worked with Talmud in our schools for many years and he brings so much to our children and their learning and achievement. Working alongside children and staff of all age groups in our very diverse community he is flexible, creative and inspiring. 

Talmud supports and adds to our curriculum offer with real quality and ingenuity.  

Through his dance, drama, storytelling, counselling, mentoring and art he brings the something extra, different and special that makes each experience outstanding. 

He is a very valued professional and a much-loved colleague". 


I have worked with Talmud over the past three years through his support at the Kids Company education provision I managed. Talmud approached us initially to help our teenagers to develop their debating skills. 

This is not an easy area to come in and work on, given that our students were amongst the most vulnerable and challenging in Westminster. However, Talmud was not only able to hold their attention through his creative and calm approach, but even to pass on a wealth of knowledge and skills to them. 

I have never in my four years at this project seen anyone come in from the outside and be able to engage these kids so quickly. Talmud has outstanding interpersonal skills, is a creative thinker and group facilitator, and brings to his work a calm, measured, and compassionate approach."



“It’s not often that I take the time to write recommendations, but in this instance, I feel compelled to do so. I have known Natasha for 3 years now and she is consistently the person in the room who drives the energy and leads the way. I have seen her in team environments, and in front of large crowds facilitating panel discussions with impact and warmth. I first met Natasha when she was nominated to participate in nab’s Thrive talent program for leaders, which my team delivers. From the beginning her openness to learning and curiosity regarding her own potential was impressive. She has high expectations of herself and ultimately, is a good person with high integrity who is passionate about life, people and getting the right results. Whilst driving her own career and success, she is always making time to advocate and support others.
(As a human, you rock, Tash).”


“I worked for Natasha in 2013 and she’s one of the most progressive leaders you can meet - and I don’t say that lightly. She genuinely puts people above everything else and as incredibly high emotional intelligence. I can remember going on many team building days and having her set the most interesting challenges that got us out of of our heads and enabled us to reflect. Natasha is a rare find and an asset to any business that values innovation, technology and human kindness.”

Mindfulness based executive coach speaker

I invited Binnie to be one of the facilitators on the young person retreats as she has mastery level of group facilitation and making sure the group is psychologically safe.  I led these retreats for many years when I was a Buddhist Monk.  The aim of the retreat was to explore with young people their identity and relationships, whilst giving them an introduction to emotional intelligence via mindfulness, spirituality and psychological development. Binnie easily connected with the young people and was able to engage and support them in a meaningful way. She is a delight to work with as a co-facilitator  - even though I had been in the past, a student of her own programmes.


I have been a client of Binnie's for over 5 years and I am grateful for her in my life - everyday.

After being emotionally broken for many months I was recommended Binnie by a great friend. After 1 session I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and could finally breathe again, after the weight of the trauma had sat heavily for months.

I cannot recommend Binnie highly enough. Her insightful wisdom is mind blowing and the strategies she helps put in place are genius.

She never fails to make me feel safe supported and loved and her hugs are the best. She is one of lives great guru's and it is a huge privilege to know her .

Private Client

"I came to Samantha as a compulsive eater with more than a few unresolved childhood traumas.

After an initial consultation and five sessions I've left feeling free - unencumbered by my past and finally in control of my own life and destiny. We used a combination of different techniques including hypnotherapy, tapping and scrambling.

To say that Sam has helped me is a massive understatement - she's changed my life for the better and I'll be forever grateful.

"I couldn't recommend her highly enough. It helps that she's also an absolutely lovely human being who radiates positivity - I felt completely comfortable in her presence. In fact, I felt better as soon as I walked in to see her!"


I brought my 14-year-old son to see Samantha as he was gagging when eating. This issue had become worse over time and the variety of foods and portion sizes had gradually become much smaller. I was worried about the effect this was having on his general health and growth. It became obvious that every mealtime was becoming a real challenge for him and he was struggling. His appetite had diminished to such an extent that I was quite concerned. After the session with Samantha he said he felt a great sense of relief and felt hungry, which was unusual. His appetite has increased, and he has noticed that he is able to eat larger mouthfuls of food and a larger quantity too. He has ceased to be worried around eating and is trying a larger variety of foods than before. He will be coming back to see Samantha to work on some other aspects surrounding this issue, but I can say I have seen significant improvements already. Samantha is calm and relaxed. She helped my son trace the problem back to when it all started and taught him tools so he can help himself. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


“I have worked with Talmud in several contexts and have always been so impressed by the quality of his interactions with colleagues or funders. 

Talmud has a unique ability seen in the best of trainers and facilitators: 

Through his gentle, probing spirit and diverse toolkit, he creates space for discovery, innovation, necessary discomfort, and solutions. 

He makes the difficult seem effortless. The tense becomes playful. 

The opaque turns clear.”


Talmud worked with me whilst I was the Executive Headteacher at Torridon Junior School. He led and coordinated a mentoring programme with a group of boys in Y6, the majority of whom were underachieving or experiencing various challenges and barriers to their learning. The majority of the pupils were BAME. Talmud’s skills in quickly building trust and a positive relationship with the boys was exceptional. He developed a dialogue with them where they were able to articulate for themselves what they were finding challenging as well as the solutions they might employ to improve things. In a number of cases he used their own personal interests, skills and talents, such as music, to further develop the relationship and build the self-esteem of pupils. Talmud was also able to reach out to the parents and families of the boys and extend his work to supporting them. In one particular case he was instrumental in mediating between the family and the school to secure a positive outcome for all. The impact of the work was that the attendance, behaviour and wider achievement of almost all of the boys improved over time. Where the pupils had identified SEND Talmud was able to work with other staff at the school to ensure his approach was inclusive and in line with the strategies already in place as well as proving further insight about the pupils’ lives in order to amend practice. I would highly recommend Talmud to you. 


“I have suffered from social anxiety for nearly 10 years and it had ruined my life. I had no friends, no social life, little, if any, self-confidence and self esteem. I couldn't see my life going anywhere. I was stuck in a rut of my own self doubt and fear. When I hit 22 after still never having done things that most people my age had already done many times over (go to the pub/cinema/meal/night out with some mates) I had finally had enough.

I discovered Suzanne EFT and hypnotherapy treatments. I was a little sceptical, but after just one session I felt like I had been living in a greenhouse with dirty windows and suddenly they had been cleaned and the sun was streaming in.

After just 2 more sessions I have, for the first time ever, organised a meal, gone to the cinema with some friends and am also going go-karting in the near future. To the rest of you that may not sound like a big deal but to someone with SA it is quite an achievement. I haven't felt this good in my entire life, I can finally make choices in my life without fear and doubt clouding my judgement. I owe all this to Suzanne and EFT. She has had a profound effect on my 

life and I am eternally grateful”


Having gone through a divorce, where my 4 young children had been abandoned emotionally by their father - I reached out to Suzanne as I had heard she worked with children and teenagers. Within the first few minutes  of seeing them individually, she had engaged and made my children feel safe enough for them to open up emotionally to her. She is incredible, 

They felt supported, safe and trusted her implicitly. She gave them strategies to manage their feelings  and where their trauma had manifested into physical symptoms and stress - she alleviated it in that very first session.Now, as teenagers - when they feel they need some 'me' time they will ask to go and see Suzanne. I have recommended her to many parents who's teenagers are feeling stress and anxious in their developing years.